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Increase your Knowledge about how marriage works With Beulah Rest Consultings Firm Today!


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Discover the beauty of LIFE in Marriage. Make your relationship work NOW! Get seasoned counseling drawn from the Bible!

  • General Marriage Counseling: We understand the peculiarity of your marriage challenges and are willing to walk with you to see that you get the best therapy for solving them. We give straight talk on possible causes of a decline or foreseeable decline in your relationships and give expert, workable, problem solving advice for restoration of love and affection with your spouse. We’ll like to walk you through having a sweet, sustainable and satisfactory marriage life by the grace of God. We shall provide professional advice on how to keep your spouse in love with you, how to manage the home and its finances, how to cope during pregnancy, how to keep the beauty after child birth, how to keep the closeness and overriding love for your spouse when the kids are in between. What to do when you’re sensing that the love is getting cold etc.
  • Family Health Advice and Products: Your family has to stay healthy. The secret of true wealth and happiness in any family is the health condition of the family. BEULAH REST is not just offering counseling, but we’re helping you to get very good and affordable family healthcare from reputable healthcare givers, ensuring that your products are delivered at your doorstep. We shall also furnish you with counsel on what to do and how to go about getting the best dietary help, and medical resource for your family. YOUR MONEY IS SAFE WHEN YOUR FAMILY IS HEALTHY
  • Single And Unengaged Support: We are offering singles something to be excited about with our relationship, career and personality gist on our blog. Singles can take advantage of our services to keep themselves abreast on the things it costs to be singles and how to make the best of their ‘yet to marry’ life. We’re open to share in their challenges and to proffer healthy solutions to those challenges. We shall also be glad to walk singles through the journey of making the right decision in the choice of a life partner. WE ARE COMMITED TO SEE YOU MARRY HAPPILY!
  • Pre and Post- Marriage Support: You will agree with me that approaching the altar to take the marriage vow requires guidance. A lot of would-be couples play the joker with this period of their lives and would have to dance to the music of unpreparedness in the future of marriage. God desires that would-be couples get it right from the start. A house that will stand the test of time must have its foundation laid on the rock, We at BEULAH REST will ensure we furnish the about to marry couples with information and counsel on what to do to make the best of their courtship moments and settle well in their new homes.


Hi there,

It’s my pleasure to have you on this beautiful page. I believe you’re here because you desire to have it working for you in your marriage relationship. YOU’RE AT THE RIGHT PLACE

Can I simply tell you that you’re just a few steps away to gaining the satisfaction and fulfillment you desire in your troubled marriage? Yes you are.

You see; marriage, like every other relationship has its pressing challenges; and problems differ from one couple to another. There’s no marriage without a challenge; there’s ALWAYS a test or examination period for everyone. 

Your success or failure in your relationship trying times is highly determined by what you know and how you’re able to rightly apply such knowledge to solving the challenge of the day. BUT I CAN ASSURE YOU THAT EVERY MARRIAGE PROBLEM HAS A SOLUTION. The solution is right there with you.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             

The Book:  MENDING THE BROKEN CISTERNS IN MARRIAGE RELATIONSHIP has been written to help you discover:

  • Why you deserve a good and working marriage regardless of what you’re going through right now.
  • The causes of decline in your marital love and affection and how to discern the signs that you’re falling out of love for your spouse or your spouse for you.
  • Practical steps you need to take in order to bounce back to full realization of your marriage expectations.
  • How to crush divorce permanently
  • How to stand on the power and the promises of God that never fails for a fulfilled marriage.



Do you know that there are just 8 peels you need to take for a recovery in marriage?. The book contains 8 tested and irresistible peels of recovery for distressed, sick and broken marriages. You can recover your former love and get your original God ordained spouse back even if you’re divorced.

I have shared the 8 RECOVERY PROCESS TO HEALING DISTRESSED MARRIAGES in the book. It’s amazingly wonderful to know that there’s still a miracle for you!


With $7, you’ll be getting the book and the following seminar journals for free:

  1. Communication in Marriage (Understanding the peculiar language of your spouse) = $5
  2. Forgiveness in Marriage (Health Benefits) = $5
  3. The World And Your Marriage = $5

When you click to download, you’ll be getting a total sales package of $22 for $7 only. You also stand a chance to enjoy free counseling sessions with us.


Needing Counseling?

Do you desire to share your present challenge? Are you believing God for immediate solution to that marriage problem? Don’t hesitate to call, send an email or a whatsapp message on:



Martins Italume A,

The Relationship Therapist.

Beulah Rest Consulting.


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